Online Programs

In 2020, the West Virginia Humanities Council began developing online programs, in response to ongoing public health conditions. The Council now continues to offer new, original in-house programming specifically for online delivery, via our main website and social media platforms, to expand and enhance our service to audiences in and beyond West Virginia.


Poetry During a Time of Crisis: West Virginia Poets on Community, Resilience, and the Power of the Arts


This series shares videos of West Virginia poets reading original work, recorded in their own homes or other personal spaces. You can watch the videos below or click through to the playlist on YouTube.


Mysterious Mountains


In a partnership with the West Virginia University Press, the Council reprinted new editions of several important West Virginia literary works. One of these was Uncle Abner: Master of Mysteries (1918 & 2015) by Melville Davisson Post. In the series Mysterious Mountains, listeners can follow stories as Uncle Abner uses his "uncanny observation coupled with a simple logic to solve mysteries that always pit the good, hardworking countryman against the unscrupulous, cowardly wrongdoer." (From The West Virginia Encyclopedia) You can watch the series below or click through to playlist on YouTube.


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