Audience Evaluation

Grantees are required to evaluate the effectiveness of their grant project.  In addition to other methods outlined in the approved application, grantees must gather audience evaluations at public events/activities (including exhibits, presentations, lectures, etc.).  You may do this by:


  1. Printing copies of the Council’s audience evaluation form and distributing them to audience members at your programs (you may add the “Name of Program Attended” prior to printing);


  1. Creating an on-line survey with the same questions as the Council’s audience evaluation form and distributing the link to audience members; or,


  1. Creating your own audience evaluation form or on-line survey. These forms must be approved by the Council prior to the event.


Results of audience evaluations must be summarized in the grantee’s final narrative report.  If a participant indicates they are interested in learning more about the Council, or joining our mailing list, their information (or their form) should be forwarded to the Council.