New Deal Photographs of West Virginia 1934-1943

Publication Grants – Additional Information



The goal of the West Virginia Humanities Council’s Publication grants is to increase the quality and quantity of books published on West Virginia topics in the humanities and by West Virginia authors on any subject in the humanities. See About Our Grants for a definition of the humanities.




Publication grants are available only to recognized nonprofit presses and academic presses, and support only the production phase of a completed nonfiction manuscript.


These books may be text or photos or a combination of both. In the case of books of photography, the photographs must be documentary in character.




The project schedule is limited to one year, and all projects must result in at least 250 copies of a book of acceptable trade quality. Book prices should reflect greater affordability due to the Humanities Council subsidy.


Additional Instructions


In addition to information outlined in the General Grant Guidelines, Publication grant applications must include:


  1. A sample of a previous publication by the press that shows the expertise of personnel.
  2. A completed nonfiction manuscript of the work to be published.


Publication grant applications are sent to external reviewers with professional expertise in media projects.  These reviews are then forwarded to the Council’s Program Committee for consideration.


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