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Fellowship Grants – Additional Information



Fellowships were established to encourage and support in-depth research and writing within a humanities discipline.  See About Our Grants for a definition of the humanities.


Fellowships provide opportunities for individuals to pursue advanced study and research that will enhance their capacities as teachers, scholars, or interpreters of the humanities.  Fellowships allow the individual to devote time to investigation, reflection, and writing.




Fellowships are open to West Virginia teachers, college faculty, and independent scholars who want to complete independent research projects. Collaborative research proposals will also be considered.  To be eligible for a Fellowship, the applicant must:


  1. demonstrate evidence of interest and accomplishment in a field of the humanities;
  2. reside or be employed in West Virginia;
  3. not have received a West Virginia Humanities Council Fellowship grant within the preceding two years;
  4. not be seeking support for work leading toward a degree or to fund routine preparations for teaching.




Fellowships are awarded in support of research costs and should not be sought for publishing costs associated with a completed project. The applicant must propose a project or a portion of an extended project that can be completed during the Fellowship period.


Criteria for Selection


Applications for Fellowships will be judged on the following criteria:


  1. the conception, definition, and organization of the project;
  2. the significance of the proposal to a field of the humanities;
  3. the likelihood that the project will be completed as proposed.


Fellowship applications require a brief bibliography, of no more than three pages, and an abbreviated resume of one to three pages.


Applicants should not assume specialized knowledge by the grant reviewer. Narratives should be free of jargon; definitions of technical terms, wherever used, should be expressly provided or clear to a layperson from context.


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Humanities Council Fellowships

have often resulted in books, conference papers, and scholarly articles. See a list of some of the fellows and the work supported by Humanities Council fellowships.