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Welcome to the West Virginia Humanities Council's online Program Guide. Here you will find helpful information about the variety of direct programs offered by the Council. These programs reflect the history, culture, and diversity of West Virginia through the many disciplines of the humanities. Be sure to bookmark our site and visit it often to see what special events and programs have been scheduled and where they will take place.

Billy Ed Wheeler signs books for attendees at his 2010 lecture.

Billy Edd Wheeler autographs books following his Little Lecture.

THE LITTLE LECTURE SERIES offers a distinguished assortment of speakers here in the historic MacFarland-Hubbard House, home of the Council offices in Charleston. The Little Lectures are so named because of the intimate parlor setting for the talks. Seating is limited and goes quickly so be sure to contact us early to avoid disappointment.

The HISTORY ALIVE! program features dedicated scholars from around our state who portray historical figures from the past. Eleanor Roosevelt, Chief Cornstalk, and Robert E. Lee are among those who provide a passport through time for student and adult audiences across West Virginia.

There is a total of fourteen History Alive! characters available for presentations across the state. Click on History Alive! at the left to see the new roster and learn how to host a program.

What's Coming Up?

Keep apprised of what's going on in our publication, PEOPLE & MOUNTAINS. This magazine is provided as a service to our members and features insights on Council activities throughout the state, available grants and current issues in the humanities.

Contact Mark Payne, 304-346-8500 or email, for further information regarding any of our programs.