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Cover of the spring 2015 issue of People and Mountains.
Spring 2015

Cover of Council's spring 2014 magazine, People and Mountains.
Spring 2014

Cover of Fall 2014 People and Mountains.
Fall 2014
Cover of winter 2014 edition of People & Mountains.
Winter 2014
Cover of Council's newsletter, People and Mountains.
Spring 2013
Cover of Council's newsletter, People and Mountains. Fall 2013

Cover of the Council's quarterly magazin, People and Mountains.   Winter 2013




Cover of Spring 2012 edition of People and Mountains, the Council's newsletter. Spring 2012

Cover of fall issues of People and Mountains, the Council's quarterly newsletter.
Fall 2012

Front cover of Council's newsletter People and Mountains.
Winter 2012
Cover of Spring 2011 issue of People and Mountains, Council's newsletter.
Spring 2011

Cover of West Virginia Humanities Council's 2011 annual report.
Annual Report 2011

Summer 2006

Summer 2005

Fall 2005

Winter 2005

Annual Report 05

Summer 2004

Fall 2004

Winter 2004

Summer 2003

Fall 2003


Summer 2001

Fall 2001

Winter 2001



Autumn 1999

Winter 1999