Seven Sisters quilt by Kanawha Valley Quliters Guild

Recent Donors

Donors to the Humanities


Our work in 2016 was made possible by the generous support of the National Endowment for the Humanities, the West Virginia Department of Education and the Arts, and many other organizations and individuals. Our donor honor roll follows.



Bailey & Glasser LLP

BB&T West Virginia Foundation

Bernard H. and Blanche E. Jacobson Foundation 

Carter Family Foundation

Federation of State Humanities Councils and Pulitzer Prizes Board

H. B. Wehrle Foundation

Herscher Foundation 

National Endowment for the Arts

Marion and Richard Sinclair – in memory of Joseph C. Jefferds Jr.

Phyllis and Ray Smock

West Virginia Department of Education and the Arts

West Virginia Legislature – Community Participation Grants Program 

Jill Wilson and Russ Isaacs



Betty Gardner Bailey

Anna and Kenneth Bailey

Alice and William Bartley

Barbara C. and Ralph J. Bean Jr.

Briar Mountain Coal & Coke Company

Carolyn and Stan Cavendish

William Maxwell Davis

Helen Epps

Barbara Fleischauer and Robert Bastress

Kathy and Dan Foster

Samme L. Gee

Susan and David Hardesty

Peggy and Michael Harpold

Barbara and Steve Hopta

Sharon and Steven Jubelirer

Ken Kleeman

Susan S. Landis




Library of Congress American Folklife Center – Henry Reed Fund Award

Tia and Bob McMillan

Norfolk Southern Foundation

Emily and Paul Papadopoulos

Mary and Ray Ratliff

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Rockefeller IV

Mr. and Mrs. I. N. Smith IV

Elizabeth Spangler

Ken Sullivan

Edwin Sweeney

United Bank

Karen and Joe Vincent

Sharon and Henry Wehrle Jr.

Lisa and Paul Welch

Mary and C. B. Wilson

Betty and Warren Woomer

ZMM Architects & Engineers




Dixie Adams

Jeanette M. Alexander

John C. Allen Jr.

Cheryl A. Belcher

Ruth L. Brooks

Elsie and Bill Carter

Lisa Defrank-Cole and Jay Cole

A. Lawrence Crimmins Jr.

Alison H. and Patrick D. Deem

Norman L. Fagan

Van Beck Hall

Frances and Steve Hensley

Dave Higgins

Huntington Federal Savings Bank

Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Jack

Dee and Sam Kapourales

Diana L. Long

Glenn Longacre

Susan and Bob Maslowski

Margaret and Jerry Miller

Morgantown Printing & Binding


Ann and Bob Orders

C. J. and Billy Joe Peyton

Nina Peyton

Sally and Don Richardson

Elisabeth H. Rose

Judy K. Rule

Daphne and Robert Schreiber

Jennifer Soule

Darlene and Reed Spangler

The James & Law Company

Mr. and Mrs. L. Newton Thomas Jr.

Bonnie Bowman Thurston

Kim and Greg Tieman

Diana and Donald Van Horn

Mary and Stephen Voorhees – in honor of Debby Sonis

Diane H. and D. Stephen Walker

Richard B. Walker

Wetzel County CVB and Museum


Anonymous – in honor of Nina R. Peyton


Alice and Mike Abernethy

Calvert and Ted Armbrecht

Anita and Bob Ashley

Sandra S. and Fred A. Barkey

Charles D. Bess

Karen S. Boles

Dannie Wall and Wayne Braunstein

Patricia and Charles Brown

Nancy and George "Gib" Brown

Nancy and Carter Bruns

Barbara L. Bryant

Dr. & Mrs. Marshall J. Carper

Michael H. Chancey

Greg Coble and C. B. Babcock

Christine and Chuck Daugherty

Freddy and Hornor Davis

Judy and Jerry Davis

Sarah N. Denman

Joyce E. East – in memory of N. B. East

Eastern National Parks Association

Ronald Garay

Ann Hosey Garcelon – in honor of Chuck Daugherty's 80th birthday

Sandra Graff

Carol and Larry Grimes

Faye and Joe Guilfoile



Nancy and George Guthrie

Cliff Hackett

Dwight Harshbarger

Howard Illig

Lucia B. James

Alice and David Javersak

Kanawha-Roxalana Company

Janet and Emory Kemp

David King

Mrs. E. D. Knight

Meg and Joseph Laker

Susanna Kapourales and Roger Lambert

Susan and Ronald Lewis

Ginnie and Dewayne Lowther

Katherine Mason and Roderick Lee

William B. Maxwell III

Callen McJunkin

Harriet and David Peters

Anne Selinger

Beulah D. and Robert H. Summers

Simone and Jay Thomas

Jeannie K. Todaro

Robert Upton

E. Marie Van Meter

Shawn and Walter Williams

Jane and Kenneth Wright

Dolores and Bill Yoke



Timothy Alderman

Jean M. Allen

Jenny Ewing Allen

Joyce and John C. Allen Sr.

Barbara M. Anderson

Doris and W.B. "Bart" Andrews

Karen Arms

Marion H. Baer

Alevia J. and William E. Ballard

Alice and Neal Barkus

Betsy and Pete Barr

Betty Barrett

Beth Batdorf and John Bresland

Jerry Beasley

Harriett S. Beury

Denise and Dennis Bone

Myla and Jack Bowman

Ann Bradley

Laura Brady and Timothy Sweet

Karen Brimhall

Bonnie and Gary Brown

Nancy Bulla

Eleanor L. Byrnes

Elizabeth Campbell and Eric Lassiter

Susan and Robert Castellan

Lisa Fischer Casto and John Casto

Elizabeth Early Chilton

Annette and George Cipriani

Clarence Coffindaffer

Betsy and Bob Conte

Lakin and Thomas Cook

Dr. and Mrs. Lewis A. Cook

Nancy Cooley

Camille and John Copenhaver

Jeanette Corey

Council for West Virginia Archaeology

John A. Cuthbert

Cathy Davis

Anna and Richard Davis

Terri and Michael Del Giudice

Ernie Dotson

William Drennen Jr.

Shirley and Gerald Eagan

Pat and Jack Egle

Linda Elliott and Steve Logan

Sally and Horace Emery

Doni and Bob Enoch

Betty and Bill Evans

Yvonne Farley

Carly and Bruce Flack

Vic Folio

Mary and Harold Forbes

Anna and Peyton Forbes

Leska, Mark and Andrew Foster

Lucile and Bob Foster

Alex Franklin

Elda Franklin

Deborah Fravel

David Fuerst

Pat and B. J. Garner

Margaret Garvin

Hannah and Garry Geffert

Mary Alice Gentry

Liz and Chris Giese

Susan and Tom Gilpin

Michael Gioulis

Karen Glazier and James Thibeault

Marie Foster Gnage

Mark Greathouse

Jeanne Grimm

Gina Groh

Priscilla M. Haden

Jean and Jack Hammersmith

Harpers Ferry Historical Association

Robert Harris

Ann and William Harris

Cheryl and Marc Harshman

Pamela and Elliott Harvit

Monica and Mark Hatfield

Sally and Sprague Hazard

Rita and Walt Helmick

Richard Hess

Heather Hill and Edward C. Armbrecht III

Arthur B. Holmes

Roy L. Holstein

Mildred T. Holt

Timothy B. Hopkins

Anna and Tom Horn

Dr. and Mrs. David J. Hunt

Pamela Hoppe Ice

Sissy and Tom Isaac

Helen E. Jones

Mary Lou and Jerald Jones

Judy and Stan Jones

Jay L. Joslin

Jack Kendall

Peggy Kourey

Margaret and John Krupa

J. Thomas Lane

Elouise and R. L. Leadbetter

The Lepps

Michelle and Stephen Lewis

Lisbeth Louoghran

Sally and Charlie Love

Sara Lueck

Shirley A. Lundeen

Joni and Rich Lyon

Terri Marlow

Barbara E. and Robert P. Mason

Kathryn and Davitt McAteer

Sallie McClaugherty

John McCuskey

Elizabeth McDermott

Judy and Britt McJunkin

Carl W. McLaughlin Jr.

Toni and Tom McMillan

William P. McNeel

Val S. McWhorter

Patty and Jack Merinar

Richard Merrill

Pam and Lex Miller

Susan Mills

Mary Alice and Gerald Milnes

Christine and Marc Monteleone

Phyllis and Jim Moore

LaRee Naviaux and Frank D'Abreo

Carolyn and Michael Naylor

Shirley Neitch and L. Edwin Kahle

Harold L. Newman

Robert G. Newman

Mr. and Mrs. G. Ogden Nutting

Otis L. O'Connor

Gary O'Dell

Ruth R. Peyton

Mimi Pickering

Fred Pollock

Laura and David Pray

Patricia Proctor

Arla Ralston & Roger Foreman – in honor of Chuck Daugherty's 80th birthday

Orren L. Rayford

Maria Carmen and Steve Riddel

Alice Riecks

Connie and Ron Riley

Linda and D. Scott Roach

Ann Robinson

R. Terrance Rodgers

Carol Rose

Becky and Jerry Roueche

Larry L. Rowe

Sharon and Stephen Rowe

George Rutherford

Peggy and David Sadd

June and William Sale

Thelma and Mack Samples

Margaret and Robert Sayre

Nora O. Crawford-Sayre and Truman L. Sayre

Patricia Loehr Scarr

Kathy and Mike Sholl

John H. and Katherine B. Shott

Wanda and Carroll Simpkins

Olivia and Bob Singleton

Judy Sjostedt

Sally and Pete Slicer

Alexander M. Smith

Barbara A. Smith

Charles E. Smith

Vicki and Peter Smith

Robin C. and James F. Snyder

Barbara Spicher and Martin Burke

Mary Kaye Staggers

Mary E. Stanley

Larry V. Starcher

Becky and Bob Steptoe

Patricia and Lee Stine

Judith Gold Stitzel

Kathryn A. Stone

Anne and Dennis Strawn

Carol and Maury Taylor

Mary T. and Vic Thacker

Ben Thomas

Vicky and Jerry Thomas

Rebecca and Tom Tinder

Millie Tuckerman

Raymond Tuckwiller

Fawn Valentine

John T. Wack

Edward Weis

Carolyn Welcker

Nina R. and James C. West Jr.

Katy and Steve White

Judith and Ron Wilkinson

Taunja Willis-Miller

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Wilson

Chuck Wirts

Douglas McClure Wood

Martha and David Woodward

West Virginia Mason-Dixon Civil War Round Table

Thomas and Karen Yokum

Fred Ziegler





Katherine B. Aaslestad & John P. Lambertson

Roberta L. Allison

Helen and Rudolph Almasy

Raymond Alvarez

Anne Anderson

Belinda Anderson

Joanne and Bob Anderson

Colleen Anderson

Helen Anderson

Joan and Roger Ashley

Ede J. Ashworth

Paul A. Atkins

Steve and Rebecca Ayraud

Ruth and Bob Baker

Melissa Bannister

Kelli and Kevin Barksdale

John A. Barnes

Kenneth T. Batty

Debra Benedetti

C.L. Bennett

Elizabeth L. Beury

Gordon Billheimer

Heather Biola

Spencer L. Bivens

Robert G. Bonar

Janie and Nate Bowles

Judy Bradford

Olivia Bravo

Margaret Brennan

Linda Bunce and Michael Vincent

C. Rand Burdette

Nancy and Joe Burford

John O. Burgett

C & C Properties

Carol Campbell

K. K. Canonico

Jon E. Cawthorne

Nelle Ratrie Chilton

Beth and Jeff Chiparo

Elizabeth D. Clarke

Clay County Historical Society

Betty Jane Cleckley

B. Diane Clements

Jay Comstock

Jo Ann and Jason Conley

Patty Cooper

David H. Corcoran Sr.

Catherine Cornell

Timothy M. Cronin

Jane and Ben Crutchfield

Robert Y. Csernica

Laura and Steve Cunningham

Karen and Alan Curtis

Sandra Czernek

John Davis

Jean Dean

Dr. and Mrs. Al Deardorff

Mary Lucille DeBerry

Carol Sue Del Col

Judy and Len Deutsch

William Frank DeWeese

Alan DeYoung

Nancy A. Dodson

Pattye Dodson

Tacy and Chap Donovan

Pat and Art Doumaux

Thomas W. Dukas

Edward E. Dunleavy

Sally Egan

Mary Alice and Bob Elkins

Cicero M. Fain III

Robin Faris and John Makins

Josephine Fidler

Kate Fitzgerald and Paul Sheridan

Mildred Fizer

Fort Edwards Foundation

Fort Seybert Heritage Educational Association

Monty Fowler

Peter Freeman

Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Frey

Alice and Fred Frum

Louise Gillooly

Katherine Giltinan

Olga E. Gioulis

Karen Goff

Nan Goland

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Goldsmith Sr.

James L. Gooch

Grant County Arts Council

Anna Gray

Ruby A. Greathouse

Barbara Greco

Diana Kile Green

Michele Grinberg and Jim Withrow

Barry Grinnell

Sandra Hamon Gunther

Carol Gwinn

Sam Haddad

Maurine and Don Hall

Hancock County Historical Museum

Hedda Haning

Jean M. Hardesty

Pauline R. Harman

Cheryl and Gary Hartley

Joyce T. Hathaway

Roger Gordon Hatten

Eva and Paul Hawkins

Christine M. Hedges

Dale C. Hicks

Historic Shepherdstown Commission

Jane W. Hoffman

Maxine Huff

James J. Hughes

Carolyn and Willard Hunter

Ivy & Stone Council for the Arts

Jackson County Historical Society

John Jarrett, Jarrett Construction Services

Dolores Johnson

Susannah G. Johnson

Janet and Kirk Judd

B. J. Kahle

Euphemia Kallas and David Hammer

Barrie and Tod Kaufman

Annie Neeley Kirkpatrick

S. A. Kleckner

Carrie and Michael Kline

Rita Kohn

Carol and Alan Kuhlman

Tricia Lally

Anne Lambright and Steven Knopp

Mary L. Lane

Karen K. Larry

Helena E. Lee

Kim and Larry Leonard

 Pam and Joe LeRose

Mr. and Mrs. W. Hunter Lesser

Walt Lesser

Betty and Tom Linger Sr.

Mathew W. Lively

Barbara and Barry Locke

Lost River Artisans Cooperative

Karlyn Lowers

Raymond Lowther

Shelley and Lee Maddex

Madie Carroll House Preservation Society

Nancy Malcomb

Tam Mallory

John Manchester

Ralph Mann

Sara and Tom Marchio

Judy Marteney

Julian Martin

Lou Martin

Yvonne and Terry Martin

Victoria S. Martin

Sevlyn C. Masinter

Jewell R. Matthews

Betty Maxwell

Mildred J. Mazgaj

Connie and Tom McColley

Maria T. McKelvey

James McNeel

Mark McOwen

Mark A. McRoberts

Velma and Jerry Meadows

Thomas Michaud

Dawn Miller and Greg Moore

Jean Miller

Montserrat Miller and Dan Holbrook

Harry B. Mills

G. Thomas Minshall

Mary Belle and Paul E. Minton

Harry J. Mitchell

Nancy and David Morrison

Shirley and Alan Morten Jr.

Stephen F. Moseley

Diane and Jeffrey Moss

Mount De Chantal Alumnae

Sara and Bill Muck

Sharon G. Mullins

Debra Dean Murphy

Greg Myers

Randolph W. Myers

Elizabeth Nelson

Patricia S. Nelson

Toni and Bill Nesselrotte

Norma and Carroll Newbraugh

Russ Nixon

Kathleen O'Brien

Robert O'Brien

Michael D. O'Kelly

Kristina Olson and Michael Slaven

Jay O'Neal

John Overington

Hazel and John Palmer

Ailene Pearce

Mercedes Phillips

Linda J. Powers

Cassandra Pritts

Gerald S. Ratliff

Shirley Rawlins

Juanita J. Reed

Rentch Family Foundation

Donald L. Rice

Wilma S. Richardson

R. M. Rine

Eleanor Ringel

Rose Marie Riter

Julie Robinson

Judy and Tom Rodd

Mike Ruben

Tony Russell

Phyllis J. Sadd

Dorothy and Bill Scharf

Paul A. Shackel

Pauline Shaver

Frances Simone

Anita Simpson

Ann and Paige Skaggs

Drema E. Slack

Barbara Smith

Katy and Don Smith

Anna and Kim Smucker

Marty Spiker

Judy Spradling

Kaila St. Louis

Pat and Dave Stanton

Nancy and Frank Stark

Dennis E. Stark

Mandy Steele

Rebecca White Steorts

Joan Steven

Nancy Street

Mr. and Mrs. Gardner M. Stultz

Lynette and Brad Swiger

Carrie and Jeff Swing

Eleanor Taylor

Jackie Taylor

Judy and Steven Teaford

Barbara and Sidney Tedford

Donald L. Teter

Judith Ann Teufel

William D. Theriault

Jack Thompson

Shirley and James Tolbert

Stephen D. Trail

Viera and George Trapp

George D. Updike

Sam R. Uppala

Upper Vandalia Historical Society

Melanie Van Metre

Derek Vance

John N. Vielkind Jr.

Jessie E. Volk

Karen Vuranch and Gene Worthington

Judy Wagner

Barbara H. and Mikael D. Walker

Delores and Daniel Ward

Susan Baldwin Ware

Jo Weisbrod

Susan and William Wheeler

Mr. and Mrs. Lynwood White

Mike Whiteford

C. Jayne Whitlow

C. Michael Williams

Rebecca and Kemp Winfree

Robert B. Wolford

Pamela D. and R Karl Yagle

Bill Yahner

Linda Yoder